"Why an Independent Advisor?"

A Good Question.  The Answer Can Make All the Difference.

For borrowers, there is often confusion in understanding the very different roles played by a lender and an independent financial advisor.  The primary role of a lender is to invest their capital with the least risk and the highest financial return.  The primary job of an independent financial advisor is to ensure that you receive the most favorable loan terms and conditions, minimizing your risk and loan cost.  Frequently, lenders attempt to fulfill both roles, but as we know from scripture, one cannot serve two masters.

When your financial team engages CFC, the team is strengthened.  With CFC guidance and participation, the right mix of lenders will compete to provide needed financing with attractive terms that preserve and make the best use of existing assets.  CFC will provide your team with an array of creative finance options that might have otherwise been undiscovered.

Skillful management of resources to serve the present and future good demonstrates faith in action.