Service Areas

Financial Modeling and Long Range Financial Planning

CFC offers a comprehensive financial modeling tool and long range financial planning process that enables an organization to fully understand its current financial position and to accurately map its way to a more secure financial future.  With the current reality of the world and the Church being one of progressively scarcer resources, financial modeling and planning enables an organization to prudently shape the future.

Financing and Refinancing

While CFC is not a registered municipal advisor, it is qualified to provide general information about various types of financing, including tax-exempt municipal securities financing.  If an organization is interested in utilizing tax-exempt financing, CFC could introduce the organization to registered persons or firms which could facilitate the completion of such a financing.  CFC would not make a recommendation concerning the structure, timing, terms or other similar matters relating to such financing.  While respectful of existing banking relationships, a conventional or tax-exempt financing package can be secured that will perfectly fit the organizations long range plan and its capacity to repay the loan.

Deposit and Loan Fund Management

CFC brings depositors and borrowers together, affording each party security, favorable rates, proper documentation and professional management.  Borrowers are subject to a rigorous underwriting process and guided through to execution of a complete document set.  Depositors are secure in the knowledge that their money is invested in sound projects that promote the growth of the Church.

Other Services

Various elements of our service offerings are regularly combined to focus on specific organizational needs, such as: financial and operational counseling, construction fund management, merger and/or closure assistance, and informational/training seminars.