CFC has contributed to the standardization of financial data for K-8 schools. Data has been collected from the Archdiocesan School Report (ASR) over the past few years with the goal of providing meaningful benchmarking data back to the schools for planning purposes. The summary report allows leadership from each school to compare their individual data to the summary data. The following indicators have been calculated for each school: 

Enrollment: K - 8 enrollment by grade in total
Tuition Collected (NET): K - 8 net tuition after financial aid and discounts
Tuition Collected Per Student: NET Tuition/Enrollment
Tuition as a % of Total School Operating Revenue: NET Tuition/Total School Operating Revenues

Total Operating Expenses Per School:                        

Includes operating expenses and does not include program, fundraising, or extraordinary expenses 

Cost to Educate: Total School Operating Expense/Enrollment 
Salaries & Benefits as a % of Total Operating Expense: Salaries & Benefits/Total School Operating Expense                                                   
Fundraising (NET) Per School: Includes all income and expenses from fundraising events. 
Fundraising Per Student: NET Fundraising/Enrollment 
Fundraising as a % of Total School Operating Revenue: NET Fundraising/Total School Operating Revenue                                                      
Parish Investment Per School: Includes total parish investment to the school 
Parish Invest Per Student: Parish Investment/Enrollment 
Parish Investment as a % of Total School Operating Revenue: Parish Investment/Total School Operating Revenue                                                       
Parish Investment as a % of Envelope/Plate (Parish Schools only): Parish Investment/Envelope/Plate                                                                                  

Definitions for each category can be viewed here.  

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Vang at 651.389.1074 or Judy Logan at 651.389.1077.